Welcome to the parish of Wing in Buckinghamshire.

Home to nearly 3,000 people, Wing is a vibrant and historic place to live.

This site has information regarding the village, groups and places around the village to visit and stay.

The next Parish Council Meeting is on Tuesday 30 May at 8pm, Wing Village Hall.

It has been brought to our attention that there is an issue with McAfee and part of the site. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done from our end as it is a programming issue with McAfee itself. WordPress are currently looking for a work around and the site will be automatically updated when one has been found.

Since December 2016 the website has been undergoing changes to ensure the Council is compliant with the latest regulations. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope that the improved website will be online very soon.

Results for the Best Kept Village Competition 2016!

BKV Results Wing 1

BKV Results Wing 2

BKV Results Wing Certificate of Merit


Take a look at the walks around the village, the events, and facilities. There is also community information or if you want to go further afield check out the events in other villages. Take a look at our wet woodland Long Spinney

Details of the Parish Council and of AVDC and Bucks County Council including recycling and other useful links.

We are always looking for new events to advertise events or your group. If you would like to post anything then please contact wingparishnews@gmail.com

Please feel free to also comment or join in and get the latest updates via email!

If you would like to get in touch direct to add an event or a group to the website then please use the form below. thank you.

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